Zoodles + Noodles + Toddler Meltdowns


Zoodles + Noodles + Andouille


Sofia practically skipped over to the table, excited we were having “spa-daddi” for lunch.


When she saw the zucchini spirals mixed into the whole wheat noodles, she declared that she was not going to eat and looked like she was going to cry. Now, I have to give her some leniency here, because I’d be pretty emotional too if someone messed with my pasta marinara. And she was half Italian after all.


She became really disruptive, so I had to send her to her room, where she evidently went through the four stages of grief- denial, anger, serenity and acceptance, all in the span of 5 minutes.


As I was weakening and considering making her a bowl without zucchini, she came back to the table, asked me some questions (what is this green stuff? Why did you put it in my spadaddi? What does it taste like?) and peacefully started eating. She ended up eating almost the whole bowl (plus one bite of the sausage).


What I learned from this- sometimes, it’s ok to let children air out their frustration and anger in a safe place on their own. When they are ready, it’s easier to talk to them and have a nice meal together.


How have you deat with mealtime meltdowns?

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